How to prevent bug bite

  • Bugs are known as pests that occur both indoors and outdoors. Some types of bugs cause damage to agricultural crops. Bugs can mainly transmit the vector tropical disease, Chagas’ disease.
  • Bedbugs are small beetles with an oval flat back, they can grow around 10 mm. The youngsters are often transparent in color where you can still look at the bodice. The more adult bedbugs are red / brown in color. They have six legs and two antennae.
  • Bedbugs are especially at night emerged from their hiding place. The best places to look are edges of the mattress, behind the headboard, around the slatted base and the mattress (this can be checked by sliding slowly across the mattress with a debit card so that they appear).

Chagas’ disease

 Chagas disease is transmitted by blood-sucking bugs. Also, the human disease can be transmitted to humans by a blood transfusion for example, or by eating contaminated food. Symptoms of Chagas disease are fever, headache, muscle aches, swollen lymph glands, and eyelids may later heart disease and stomach problems occur. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for Chagas disease but you can, however, be treated in the initial phase by anti-parasitic medications.

Habitat of Bugs

 Bugs are found worldwide and settle on land and in fresh and brackish water. In polar regions and the sea, they do not occur. Some species may stabbing pain when they are picked up and cause sores.

Stabbing prevention of Bugs

 A sting of a bug may, therefore, have serious consequences themselves. Even if one does not become infected with Chagas disease is a very painful sting. Below are some products on the market to minimize the chance of a bite.

Anti-insect spray DEET

 To protect your bare skin against stabbing of bugs, you can choose an Anti-Insect Spray DEET or a Natural Anti-Insect Spray. Anti-Insect Spray DEET is a powerful bug repellent to skin. This spray is suitable for both tropical destinations as for example European regions and city breaks. The DEET sprays are suitable for adults and children over 13 or 18 years. Please note that at the choice of the spray on the percentage of active substance (30 to 50%), and on the duration of action (3 to 5 hours).

Anti-insect Natural Spray

 In addition to the Anti-Insect Spray DEET, there is now also an Anti-insect Natural spray available. This natural spray is specially developed for people who can not tolerate or DEET. Therefore, the natural spray is ideal for young children (aged 3 months) and pregnant women. The spray contains lemon eucalyptus and citronella extracts and offers 3 hours of protection against bugs.

Anti Bugs clothing

 Because the insect repellent clothing rovincetreated with permethrin, small insects, and bugs become paralyzed and automatically drop the clothes. This is because the permethrin easily retracts into the unprotected nerve tracts of insects. The insect repellent clothing rovince is known as mark-resistant clothing. However, the clothes also suitable against bugs as bugs with the same characteristics are retained as a sign. It is also recommended to treat in addition to the wearing of insect-resistant clothing, your bare skin with one of the above-mentioned sprays for an optimal protection against bugs.